Features that make Life Easy

Bar Code and QR code scanner

QR & Barcode Scanner can scan and read all QR codes / barcode types including text, url, ISBN, product, contact, calendar, email, location, Wi-Fi , coupon codes and many more formats.

Document Scanner

Scan anything -Turn your device into a powerful, portable document scanner. Scan multiple images , convert to pdf , merge pdf , and share. With Skancandy never lose track of your important documents.

OCR Text Recognition

Convert Image to Text hassle free and share. Get Accurate text recognition in seconds.

ZIP and UNZIP files

Have large files ? Zip it ! Received Zip files ? Unzip it Its that simple.


An all-in-one note taking feature that lets you jot down text notes, audio memos , photo notes.


A Multi-language translator for voice and text.

Text to Speech

A text to speech feature that helps youcreate or copy-paste a text file and read it aloud.


A speech to text feature that lets you efficiently capture text versions of their speech.


A Body Mass Index Calculator that helps you calculate and keep track of BMI based on relevant information like body weight, age, height and sex.


A disposable temporary email address generator which you can use to receive advertising , spam and unnecessary mails.

Expense Manager

A daily expense and budget handling feature which helps you keep track of expenses and income.

File Converter

A complete file converter that lets you convert any type of file to any format.


A Wifi manager and analyzer tool that allows you to text wifi speed, signal strength and channel rating.


A reverse image search feature that helps you quickly discover visually similar images from around the web.


A healthcare feature to help measure heartbeat in resting stage and post workout.


A step counter that uses GPS to accurately count the number of steps user has taken thereby encouraging you to stay fit everyday.

Health Monitor

A healthcare feature that allows you to type in their health concern and check related symptoms in order to take well-informed decisions about primary treatment.

Compass and Map

A feature that lets you accurately locate direction anywhere in a map.


A GPS based weather feature that lets users check local weather using indicators like wind, pressure , humidity , UV index etc and predicts weather for the next two days.


A feature that shows the various pollution data of the selected area within a map.


A feature that lets users viewcalendar , create events/tasks for a date and set reminders for the events.


A search and compare tool that allows users to compare prices between different apps in different niche, and find other popular apps under each category.


This feature helps users compare price of a product/service in existing apps to take better decisions on which platform to buy from.

App Safari

This feature enables you to find useful and popular apps in the playstore in each category (Games, Health, Design, Business etc.)


An all-in-one note taking feature that lets you jot down text notes, audio memos , photo notes.

Voice Changer

A fun feature that lets you record your voice , apply effects and share them with their peers.

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